Month of the Military Caregivers 2017

This month of May has been the Month of the Military Caregivers. Many thanks to all of our Twitter followers and our Facebook Fans for sharing and commenting.

As we sign-off, here are our 7 Easy Ways to Help a Military Caregiver. The list, the full slide share and the individual images. Remember, the easiest way to stay updated on the progress of our documentary THE WEIGHT OF HONOR is to sign-up for our email list.


THE LIST of 7 Easy Ways to Help a Military Caregiver:

  1. Offer to watch and play with the kids, so the caregiver can have some respite.
  2. Cook 1 or 2 of their favorite meals. Store one in the freezer for when the caregiver/chef/parent/everything needs another night off.
  3. Help fix a few things around the house.  Everyone feels better when the house is in order.
  4. Help them get their much needed “couple-time”. Provide the babysitters, the gift cards, the driver, etc.
  5. Help the caregiver get appointments for “me-time”. Hair care, mani/pedi – time with friends.
  6. Bring flowers. Just the easiest thing you can do to brighten a caregivers day.
  7. Ask what they need. If they say, “Nothing”, do persist gently and help them figure out 5 little things you can take of their list.  Just reach out and ask.


The Slide Share