Kansas International Film Festival

The Weight Of Honor officially selected for the Kansas International Film Festival

We're excited to announce that we have officially been selected to show The Weight of Honor at this year's upcoming Kansas International Film Festival, which will take place November 3-9 at the Glenwood Arts Theatre in Overland Park, Kansas. Like the San Antonio Film Festival, we hope to have some of the caregivers and their family join us for the screening.

The Weight of Honor Screening At Kansas Int'l Film Festival

  • When: 5:25 p.m. Saturday, November 4
  • Where: Glenwood Arts Theatre
  • Address: 3707 W 95th St, Overland Park, KS 66206

About The Film Festival

All film festivals have one main thing in common, a love for film, beyond that each is unique in its own right. Each is centered around a theme, attract a certain audience, and has a specific purpose. For instance, the Kansas International Film Festival (also know as KIFF) was founded nearly 20 years ago in America's Heartland and was originally dubbed the Halfway to Hollywood festival. It's purpose: draw the community together to share diverse cultures, viewpoints and conversations by way of exhibiting independent and classic cinema. 

The founders, Benjamin Meade, along with twin brothers, Ben and Brian Mossman, who are known for their love of film and for restoring vintage movie houses to their original state, partnered with other local film enthusiasts and held their first annual film festival. In the years since, the festival has grown from featuring 50 films to now showing over 100 during the six-day event, often times having to turn away both filmmakers and festival-goers. 

Wonderful fest for filmmakers and fans. Great films, smart audience, very cool venue, and a great staff. Very fun weekend, look forward to going back!
— Ted Roach, director, producer Chapel Hill, NC

KIFF's secondary purpose, and arguably what makes it a top film festival, is its focus on the community. It carves out special events into the program to celebrate and showcase both local films and filmmakers with Midwestern roots. As The Weight Of Honor features veteran caregivers who also live in the Heartland, we believe their story is one this community can connect with.

Join Us At KIFF

If you live in the area, or are able to attend, we'd love for you to join us. Festival passes are available now and currently on sale at a discounted rate. Visit kansasfilm.com for details.