We're In Full Swing This Fall Season

Weigh of honor october schedule.jpeg

What’s the best part of making a documentary? Getting the movie out there for more and more people to see!

We’ve had an exciting start to Fall 2018, beginning with the GI Film Festival in San Diego hosted by KPBS television. We were so inspired by the movies made by and about our military veterans. I was incredibly touched. So much so, I started “ugly crying” with emotion in the middle of one of the panel discussions! 

One of the best parts of the weekend was connecting with another filmmaker, Erin Palmquist, who won the “New Filmmaker Award” for her doc, “From Baghdad to the Bay.” Watch for this great film appearing in festivals all over California during the next few months!

The San Diego Festival will now become THE national GI Film event— which was formerly held in Washington, DC. That will bring a lot of films— and even stiffer competition— to San Diego. Good for them!

WOH-GI Film Fest.png

Second up on the schedule, Rodger and I traveled to upstate New York, where we hosted a screening at SU on October 10. It was such an honor to be invited by Newhouse School of Journalism (one of the highest-ranked journalism schools in the country) to present the film and take part in a Q and A panel afterwards. Who knows, maybe my alma mater, American University, will want to book us next? Yes. That’s a very big hint, AU!

Rodger and I stayed in Syracuse to coach students at the Newhouse school’s annual Workshop Weekend. You may remember, we were invited last year by our good friend, network- cameraman-turned-college-professor, Les Rose, to “coach” military students who pair up to create a short film in 48 hours. We get to sleep. They don’t. It’s the ultimate, double all-nighter. But all kidding aside, this is a great event. I think I learn as much from the students and journalism professors as they learn from me!

SU hill.jpeg

At the moment, we are enjoying a ten day reprieve at home before we’re off to Georgia (for the Rosalynn Carter Caregivers’ Summit in Americus), Washington, DC (again) for a private screening and then… drum-roll… Colorado Springs for the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival! I have my boots, sweaters and a parka. No skis, because I don’t ski. But I can make a really well-packed snowball. Goes back to that Omaha, Nebraska, upbringing.

There are more screenings of “The Weight of Honor” coming up. Watch the website and our social media pages for updates and new events. Bring your friends if you come and be sure to seek me out and say, “hi,” if you do. 

Want to host your OWN screening of “The Weight of Honor”? Let us know using our Host A Screening form. You’ll hear back from me or the world’s best executive assistant, Alexander Howard (Yes. We’re related. Oldest son).